Setting Up the Ultimate Home Theater System

If you are a music, movie or football fan then having a great home theater setup maybe your idea of heaven. You won’t have to go out and pay for a movie, yet you’ve got a Netflix subscription. However, most people visualize setting up a home theatre system as a complicated process. We’re not saying that it’s a piece of cake. But, if you have the right gadgets and take the right steps, by the end of the day, you won’t ever want to leave your house. You’re in luck because this guide will help you set up the ultimate home theatre system.


First, where will You Put the Home Theatre?

Before you even get the gadgets, you must identify where you are going to position your home theatre. You should consider aspects such as the size of the room and the room arrangements. You can also opt for an in-built home theatre system that will give you a realistic theatre feeling. Or instead just put the system in one of your rooms.


Where to Place the Speakers?


Once you have purchased a home theatre system that suits you. You’re probably wondering where to put all those speakers. Apparently, most home theatre systems have five to six speakers and one woofer. It’s advisable if you place the speakers at an average height of your seats and should be at least fifteen inches from the walls. Place the speakers equally on both sides of the television facing the direction of the seats.


You can decide to pick a home theatre system with floor standing speakers, in-wall speakers, or bookshelf speakers. It all depends on your taste and size of the room. When it comes to the subwoofer, test the bass response, the treble response and midrange clarity.


A Home Theatre Receiver


The home theatre receiver is essential for any audio system. It aids in relaying, amplifying and processing sound to the speakers. The receiver will additionally help you convert a variety of input sounds to surround sound.


Get a Great Television


A great TV complements a home theatre system. Nowadays, getting a good TV on the marketing is easy. There are a variety of manufacturers that make high quality and affordable TVs. The main question that most people ask is; does the TV size matter? Yes, it does. It’s one of the major factors you should consider. However, ensure that you measure your room size. It will help you in identifying the right TV size. However, don’t overdo it. For instance, buying a 90 inch TV for a small-sized room might make your home theatre experience unpleasant.


The Viewing Angles


You shouldn’t struggle with viewing your TV, not only will it make watching uncomfortable. But it can lead to back pain. It’s why the viewing angle is very important. The ideal viewing angle ranges between thirty and forty degrees. Plus, the distance between the seat and the screen should be at least twice the length of the screen. It shouldn’t be too close nor too far, to help avoid eye strain. Mounting the TV on the wall allows you to find a suitable viewing angle.



Setting up a home theatre system entails more than buying a good home theatre. The above tips will help you identify the perfect system. Plus, audio and visual go hand in hand. A great TV will improve your experience. To spice things up, get on the streaming bandwagon and enjoy some good music and movies.